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Jan 1, 2012

In Tiger Country with Tigerman

Photo Courtesy: Wild Stripes Foundation

                                      TIGER Country.
Tiger, my first opportunity to visit  the forests of India was in 1999,when I visited Dudhwa National Park, Uttar Pradesh. I was to meet with Billy Arjan Singh, who lived at Tiger Haven, on the peripheries of the park. To meet him was the greatest honour for myself, as he lived Tiger and released a captive Tiger, Tara from a zoo in the UK into the forest of Dudhwa, she had many litters, that would increase the number of Tiger in the area. 

He also released leopards into the wild, to do this takes much patience, courage and tenacity, as he met much resistance from locals and forest officials. He was the driving force behind getting Dudhwa, set up as a national park, persuading Indira Gandhi in to this great act in 1972. On meeting the man, I found him to be very supportive and helpful, asking for my reason for my trip, asking why the west is not doing more to help Tiger. The hospitality by himself and his sister were very grateful, as I was staying close by at Dudhwa tourist area. I had expected to be able to camp in the area, how naive of me, thinking back those twelve years. I spent two days in his company at various times and he would also come to the camp to confirm a few details with me. 

The world lost a GREAT HERO on January 1st 2010, his passing leaves a large hole in the area for Tiger. I hope that Tiger Haven will become a museum and institute to conservation in the area. 

Phil Davis – Tiger Awareness.
 Leicester, United Kingdom

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