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ये जंगल तो हमारे मायका हैं

Mar 4, 2013

Nature Walks with Adams

 Nature walks with Adams Educational Tours

Company Profile

ADAMS EDUCATIONAL TOUR is a formed and framed group by the people affiliated to traveling and creative arts program since 1998. Ours is a professionally managed concern by people who have dedicated themselves to serve as guides, travel planners and creative designers in different regions of India and overseas from last fifteen years.

The wide ways of traveling and discovering new places of our beautiful land and making an excursion with  value added educational trip or a personal package a success, needs a very wide concept of knowledge. Satisfying the customer requires a lot of skill and to make their trip an unforgettable one, Adams Educational Tour has the quality to make things interesting and easy at all levels, for its esteemed patrons.

We, the people at ADAMS have started with a motive to provide the varied historical and geographical information about the place of visit to all our students, professionals and tourists for making it an enjoyable and memorable. Adams, possesses great experience in the field of arranging such excursion tours. 

The company philosophy of “Serving the students, tourist for quality traveling at affordable prices” has spurred our dedicated team of research and planners to evolve a dynamic, interactive and economical package.

Hoping for along term association with your esteemed institution.

From the desk of the Director

Contact Person
Destination Manager
Cellular: +91-9928415073
emails: deep.adamsjaipur@gmail.com
List of Schools and Colleges – Our major clients.

    University of Maharani College, Jaipur
    ICG Girls College, Jaipur
    Mayo Girls, Ajmer
    All Saints School, Ajmer
    Kanoria PG Girls College, Jaipur
    Delhi Public School, Jaipur
    Sanskar School, Jaipur
    Tagore Public School, ( All 09 Branches),  Jaipur
    Tagore NRI School, Jaipur
    SRN International School, Jaipur
    Commerce College, Jaipur
    Sanjay Public School, Jaipur
    BanasthaliVidyapeeth, Banasthali
    Department of Biochemistry, Maharani College, Jaipur
    Department of Zoology, Rajasthan University, Jaipur
    Col. Brown Cambridge School, Dehradoon
    LalBahadurShastri Institute of Management, Lucknow
    Oak Wood, Shimla
    Raffles International School, Behror
    St. Amtuls School, Nainital
    Mahatma JyotiRaoPhoole College, Jaipur
    St. Francis College, Lucknow
    Carmel Girls Inter College, Lucknow
    Mahanagar Boys College, Lucknow
    Loreto Convent Girls College, Lucknow
    Avadh Girls Degree College, Lucknow
    Sankrirti School, Ajmer
    R.I.E.T Jaipur
    Poornima College , Jaipur
    SKIT AND VIT College, Jaipur

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